55 Broadway

Hidden London have recently been running various tours around London. I recently had the pleasure of a tour around 55 Broadway, London’s first skyscraper

IMG_5467 IMG_5650 IMG_5667 IMG_5497-2

Build between 1927 and 1929 It was constructed as a new headquarters for the Underground Electric Railways Company of London, the main forerunner of London Underground. Upon completion, it was the tallest office block in the city.

IMG_5494 IMG_5523 IMG_5575

Faced with Portland stone and covering a site with an irregular footprint, the upper office floors of the building are on a cruciform plan, stepping back towards the central clock tower at the top of the building.

IMG_5556IMG_5586IMG_5560 IMG_5534IMG_5606

London Underground is due to vacate the building in 2015 for new headquarters, and 55 Broadway will be converted for residential use.

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