Potters Manor

Tucked away along a leafy road in Sussex stood Potters Manor.

Formerly a glorious Manor House overlook immaculate grounds, this building had been left to decay.

Manor House 003  Potters Manor House was built in 1904. It nestles well hidden near the village of Crowborough in East Sussex. The last inhabitants were a family of artisans and potters.Manor House 039 Manor House 049 For reasons we’ll never understand, much of the content of the house had been left. 

Manor House 059 Manor House 063Manor House 074Upon entering the room on the second floor there was everything from art supplies to books and clothes. The existence of these once personal items leaves an Erie feel to the property.

Manor House 086Manor House 095

Manor House 156 Manor House 232

In 2013 the land and twelve bedroom property were purchased by a private individual who has undertaken work to return the property to its former glory. 

 The once former derelict property has been restored to its former glory.

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