Bessingham Manor

A borrowed car and a loose plan on a trip into the Norfolk country side to look for a gem of a disused manor house.

Following driving around a couple of small villages, turning many corners and racing down country lanes we found what we’d been looking for.




A house has been on the Bessingham site since the 18th century, with history allegedly including fires and theft. In a dilapidated state, the former manor house sits in an uninspiring state from the outside.


IMG_2011 IMG_2024

IMG_2037 IMG_2041

The inside of the house offer many interesting rooms and objects that have long been left behind. From the interesting yellow furniture to the almost psychedelic wall paper on the first floor. IMG_2054 IMG_2063

IMG_1981 IMG_2075


IMG_2124 IMG_2138Bessingham received a reprieve in the shape of a couple who purchased the property and undertook a project to return it, to its former glory. Now complete the property can be rented as a holiday home.

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