Shoreham Cement

On a warm summers day we met near Shoreham cement to have a look around. Shoreham had been on the list for a while due to its huge industrial scale.

Shoreham 012Shoreham 023

Shoreham Works was established in 1883 to produce cement. The first ever Vickers Armstrong design of rotary kiln was installed in 1940s

Shoreham 030Shoreham 035Shoreham 044

The Beeding Portland Cement Company was founded in 1878 and began producing cement at the site in Upper Beeding near Shoreham in 1883. Shoreham 051 Shoreham 056 Shoreham 059 Shoreham 073

These buildings contain the first ever installation of a Vickers Armstrong design of rotary kiln, which was subsequently widely replicated elsewhere.
Shoreham 087 Shoreham 096 Shoreham 103 Shoreham 108

This installation was considered state-of-the-art at the time. Typical output of each kiln was around 550 tonnes per day. Shoreham 113 Shoreham 116Shoreham 133 Shoreham 143 Shoreham 155 Shoreham 188

Production ended in 1991 marking the end of over 150 years of use of this site. Production  was simply stopped, leaving the buildings as a well known local monument.

Shoreham 127

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