An iconic building that has existed in Chelmsford since 1898. I’d passed the building almost daily for years and always wondered what it was like in side.

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Long since closed the site was overgrown and in rapid decline, despite many local attempts to save the premises.

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The first purpose build site for a company famed for producing the telegraph machine used to send the Titanic’s crucial SOS message, the warehouses and offices now stand empty and quiet

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In 1936-39, the art deco-styled factory and attached 5-storey Marconi House were completed, the later housing the factories offices. The company also opened the Marconi Research Laboratory in 1936, to bring together their various radio, television and telephony research teams in a single location

IMG_8926IMG_8924Sadly following de-occupation the site was sold to a number of developers. The site was finally re-developed in 2012.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society set up an amateur radio station to commemorate the 96 years of production at the site.

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